Students 16 to 21 years old who have left high school without a diploma. Students may or may not have a GED.

Career Link follows the college quarter system and starts new students at the beginning of each term. Enrollment for each quarter typically begins about two months prior to the first day of class. Typically we schedule information sessions a couple months prior to the beginning of a new quarter. Please contact the office at (206) 934-7946 or CLHS@seattlecolleges.edu for the next information session dates.

All prospective students must attend an information session, complete paperwork, take an entrance exam, and complete an interview.

All students are grade level tested as part of the enrollment process.

There is no cost to attend Career Link.

Students enrolled in Career Link are continuously supported by a team of dedicated teachers and staff. We closely monitor credits, graduation requirements, student success in the program, and general progress. We provide transportation assistance in the form of bus tokens for students who need assistance and all textbooks and materials are provided by the program free of charge. Curriculum, partnerships, and an active Advisory Board together support students through financial aid and scholarship assistance, job shadowing opportunities, and field trips. Students also have access to professional counselors through a partnership with South West Youth and Family Services. Students also have the opportunity to:

  • Be a part of the exciting learning community at SSC
  • Take college classes
  • Explore different career paths
  • Gain job skills
  • Create a career & college portfolio
  • Learn about the programs & opportunities SSC has to offer
  • Visit four-year colleges & universities
  • Students who want high school completion and a diploma
  • Students who are behind in credits
  • Students who are unlikely to graduate with their class
  • Students who will not graduate by age 19
  • Students who want a GED Program
  • Students looking for a short cut or easy way to graduation
  • Students doing great in regular high school
  • Students who are on-track to finish high school with their class