Ways to Get Involved

As South Seattle College works toward implementing a Guided Pathways model for improving equitable student success and on-time program completion, the Guiding Team has developed a plan intended to better communicate with and involve more of you, our colleagues, in this process. Some of these elements are already in place, and others will ramp up as we move forward.

Guided Pathways Funding Requests

In an effort to promote and support Guided Pathways work and engage all stakeholders at South Seattle College, the Guided Pathways Leadership Team (GPLT) seeks to support involvement in Guided Pathway through making funds available for Guided Pathway redesign work. 

InstructionsComplete the form with supplemental documentation if necessary and return to Erin Barzen for review and processing.  Email Erin (erin.barzen@seattlecolleges.edu) with any questions. 

Submission Deadline:  For the 2020-21 AY deadline is the Monday of the fifth week of the quarter for projects scheduled to start the following quarter.  Urgent requests can be considered on a case-by-case basis; requests submitted by the deadline will receive funding priority. The GPLT needs a minimum of two weeks turn-around time to consider and process requests.  

Review Process: The GPLT will review requests weekly at their standing Tuesday afternoon meeting. Decisions will be communicated to requestor by the end of the business week.  The GPLT seeks to fund initiatives that meet the outcomes and expectations of our College Spark and Title III grants.

Regular e-mail updates

Sharing progress that’s been made under the essential pillars of Guided Pathways (clarify the path, help students choose and enter a path, help students stay on the path, ensure that students are learning), both by the Guiding Team and by divisions across campus. Those e-mails are also posted to the website under the Progress Updates section.

In-person, formative discussion

Guiding Team members will provide in-person updates at their respective division meetings and lead brief monthly and/or longer quarterly discussions/workshops. Guiding Team members will gather insights and feedback from those activities and report them back to the full team.

Cross-campus brainstorming, problem solving and generative discussion

From brown bag lunches to afternoon coffee, we hope to create opportunities and venues open to everyone. Topics may include facilitated discussion topics, best practices showcases from other institutions (farther along with Guided Pathways), data reflection forums, etc.

Workshops and lectures for cross-campus skill development

Professional development on Guided Pathways elements and practices, targeted for specific audiences. We’d like to survey the campus for topics of greatest interest.

If you have any feedback on the ideas presented above, please email the Guiding Team at SSCPathways@seattlecolleges.edu or contact any of the Guiding Team Members directly.