Guiding Team

South Seattle College's Guided Pathways Guiding Team includes representation from Instruction, Student Services, Business Administration, Public Information and President's Cabinet. The Guiding Team provides oversight and advisory to the College in reference to implementation of Guided Pathways. The team participates in, and facilitates, discussions that lead to decisions around the future direction, design and implementation of the Guided Pathways project.

The Guiding Team structure includes:

  • Four committees (pdf) that do work under the four pillars of Guided Pathways (Clarify the Path, Get Students on the Path, Keep Students on the Path, and Ensure Students are Learning).
  • Special Task Forces that are formed on an as-needed basis to do “deep dives” into areas of interest (such as late registration or advising redesign).
  • Implementation Support Workgroups that, as the name suggests, support the work of other committees and task forces. Workgroups include (1) Communications, Student Feedback/Focus Groups, and Faculty & Staff Engagement.

The Guiding Team would love to hear from you! If you ever have questions, comments, or ideas, please contact us at or chat with any of the team members individually (please see most recent roster of team members in the Useful Links section below). Also, please let us know if you’d like to explore ways to become involved in committees, workgroups or task forces.

Useful Links

Guiding Team Meeting Minutes