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Welcome to South Seattle College’s Guided Pathways website, intended to give our college community an overview of the transformative Guided Pathways model we are implementing as a means to improve equitable student success and on-time program completion. This information is compiled by the Guiding Team, and any suggestions you have to improve this website can be sent to

Guided Pathways Overview


Guided Pathways Overview

The Guided Pathways approach to student success starts with clearly designed, coherent, and well-communicated programs; ample support for career exploration; and informed program selection. A student in a guided pathway sees very clearly the map of courses required to complete the program, develops a personalized, comprehensive plan to reach their goal, and receives structured support to ensure they stay on the path.

The four essential practices of a Guided Pathways model are to:

  1. Clarify the path for students
  2. Help students choose and enter a path
  3. Help students stay on the path
  4. Ensure that students are learning

South's Guided Pathways Vision

Guided Pathways at South Seattle College is a systemic effort to culturally and systematically change the way our students interact and engage with the College. From prior to enrollment through completion, we are pursuing a strategic integration of our systems, services, and instruction that will ultimately remove barriers and confusion, while promoting an increase in retention, completion, and the closing of achievement gaps among our students. Students' experiences will be heightened with tools, resources, and supports that are clear, structured, and defined that increase their success, development, and achievement. Our students will know why they are here, how we support them, and how to succeed.

Our Commitment to Equity

In 2017, South adopted our Commitment to Equity in Action, which states:

South commits to creating an environment of equity, inclusion and multiculturalism which dismantles all forms of oppression by developing responsive, intentional practices.

Guided Pathways are an important institutional mechanism and large-scale practice by which we will create equity for all students who come here to learn.

Working with Other Colleges across the State and Nation

South is taking on this important transformation with other colleges across our state and nation. We were selected in late 2015 as one of 30 colleges nationwide to participate in the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Pathways Project, an 18-month institution-wide professional development opportunity. In 2016, South was selected as one of five Washington State community colleges to participate in the Guided Pathways Cohort, a five-year grant sponsored by the College Spark Foundation and State Board of Community and Technical Colleges.

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