Curriculum & Instruction Committee (CIC)


The CIC is a standing campus committee that advises the Vice President for Instruction. This committee encourages and fosters curriculum development, faculty participation in program planning and coordination of the college curriculum, and maintenance of academic standards.


There are 15 faculty representatives from Academic Programs, Professional-Technical, Basic and Transitional Studies, Bachelor of Applied Science Programs, International Programs, Counseling and the Library. The Vice President for Instruction and two deans—one from Academic Programs and one from Professional-Technical—serve as ex-officio members.

Current Members

Meeting Notes


Meeting Notes - Archive 1999-2017


CIC and ACAS Requirements for Course Originations and Revisions

Program Revision and Origination


The CIC has established the following deadlines for submission of course and program originations, revisions, and adoptions. Please submit these materials in accordance with the dates listed below to minimize challenges posed by the CIC’s workload and campus deadlines.

To implement the class by: Submit to CIC during:
Spring or Summer Fall
Fall Winter
Winter Spring

Placement Scores

Documents for CIC Members