Financial Counseling

How We Can Help You 

Through financial counseling you can gain tools of knowledge that will help empower you to take control of your financial future. You will be able to target your financial goals and create a concrete plan for achievement. 

Set up a one-on-one with our Sound Outreach Financial Counselor to: 

  • Create a spending plan: Build a personalized spending plan that will allow you to create realistic trackable goals. 
  • Credit building or rebuilding: Whether you have had a negative experience with credit, or no experience at all. There are steps one can take to gain control of our credit.  
  • Credit Report: Understand your credit report and set plan in motion on how to achieve your goals.  
  • Financial Checkup: Take our Financial Wellness Assessment and review your overall financial health and discuss how you feel about your finances. 

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You can also visit our Financial Counselor on-campus every Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the WorkSource Career Center (RSB 79).  

Meet our Financial Counselor!

Diana Alvarez Diana Alvarez  
Phone: 253.719.3927



Diana is originally from Eastern Washington where she also attended Heritage University with a major in Psychology.

Before working with the Benefits Hub, Diana worked as a financial counselor for a hospital.

Diana was motivated to become a financial counselor at Sound Outreach because this position allowed her to connect directly with students and people in the community. Financial literacy is a topic that she is very passionate about and she believes it is a tool that can empower a person for a lifetime.

A piece of advice for South students would be to have good time management skills, while still allowing yourself to be curious and explore new things and ideas!

In her free time, Diana likes to go on walks, hike and look at fruits and plants.