Foundation Scholarship Information

South Seattle College students applying for scholarships are fortunate to have philanthropic support from two foundations: Seattle Colleges Foundation and the South Seattle College Foundation.

NOTE: Simplified Scholarship Application for our Students - The South Seattle College Foundation and Seattle Colleges Foundation have partnered to create one application for all scholarship opportunities. The annual scholarship program for both foundations will be offered only once per academic year.  For any questions about the application, please reach out to the Seattle Colleges Foundation. To apply, visit our application information page

Seattle Colleges Foundation Scholarships

Established in 2018 to serve the entire Seattle Colleges district, Seattle Colleges Foundation offers a number of scholarships for which South Seattle College students may apply.

South Seattle College Foundation Scholarships

Since 1980, the South Seattle College Foundation has been invested in student success at South. During these years, the Foundation has awarded thousands of scholarships to deserving students, helping them achieve their academic goals and progress toward stable and fulfilling careers.

Scholarships are awarded based on factors such as academic merit, financial need, program of study and school and community involvement.  These scholarships provide between one and three quarters of prepaid tuition.