Work Study

Students who demonstrate at least $3000 of unmet need after all other grants and scholarships have been applied qualify for Work Study. The Financial Aid Office will notify you if you qualify for Work Study and if funds are available. Eligibility for Work Study does not guarantee employment; it indicates that you are eligible to apply for Work Study Jobs. Funding is limited and is first come, first hired, meaning that Work Study funds may exhaust before you find a job; therefore it’s very important that you begin the "Steps to Use Your Work Study" quickly.

Steps to Use Your Work Study

The steps to use your Work Study will be detailed during the orientation, this is just a general overview:

  1. Read through the jobs listed below. These jobs change so check back often.
  2. Find a job (or jobs) that suit you and follow the instructions for each job to apply.
  3. Attend the interview(s)
  4. Complete the New Hire Paper Work.

Work Study Jobs