All-Gender and Gender Neutral Restrooms

South Seattle College strives to create a welcoming and accessible learning environment for all students. For trans-identified students and those who identify outside the gender binary, the college provides all-gender/gender neutral restrooms at the specified locations.

Automotive Technology (AUT) 

  • Two restrooms (single-stall) are located on the main floor in the northwest corner of the building.
  • Five restrooms (single-stall) are located on the second floor at the west end of the hallway.
    Please note: the AUT Building may be closed if classes are not in session.  

Brockey Student Center (JMB) 

  • Restrooms (single-stall) are near the north entrance, next to the campus bookstore.  

Chan Education Center (CEC) 

  • Restrooms (single-stall) have exterior entrances on the east side of the CEC Building.  

Robert Smith Building (RSB) 

  • Restrooms (single-stall) are in the President’s Office lobby area.  

Student Wellness Center (SWC) 

  • Restroom (single-stall) is located in the main hallway, roughly halfway between the main entrance and the weight room.

Georgetown Campus 

  • Building A: Restroom (single-stall) is located near the south-facing main entrance.  Enter the building and it will be located to the left in the main hallway. View Georgetown Campus map for location.

Refer to the map below for main campus locations.
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South Seattle College Campus Overview Map - All Gender Restrooms noted in Automotive Technology, Brockey Student Center, Chan Education Center, Rober Smith Building, and Student Wellness Center. Refer to text above this image detailing locations of restrooms.