President's Cabinet

Cabinet Membership

  • Sayumi Irey, Ph. D. - Acting President
  • Joseph Barrientos, M. Ed. - Vice President of Student Services
  • Jaime Cardenas Jr, Ph. D.  - Interim Vice President of Instruction
  • Laura Kingston, MA - Executive Dean of Georgetown Campus
  • Greg Dempsey, MPA - Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Hip Nguyen, MSML - Interim Executive Director of Campus Operations / Interim Dean of Student Retention and Completion
  • Lolita Khachaturova, MSE - Interim Director of Budget & Business Services
  • Dennis Coy Denman, M. Ed. - Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Briane Franks - Director of Human Resources
  • Ty Swenson - Director of Communications and Marketing

Purpose of President's Cabinet

Overarching Goal

Ensure that South Seattle College achieves its Mission.

Primary Roles

  • Provide the vision and leadership to move the college toward its Mission and Goals.
  • Model and nurture a culture that embraces diversity, supports student learning, and values employees and community partnerships.
  • Key decision-making body for campus-wide issues; gather facts and data, discuss options.

Additional Roles

  • Facilitate information sharing across departments and units.
  • Support departments and units in implementing the Strategic Plan.
  • Help prepare the campus for necessary change.