WABO Testing

Sign Up Info

How to sign up for a WABO welder certification test at South Seattle College: 

  • Call or email Doug Rupik by Wednesday to schedule a Saturday test (doug.rupik@seattlecolleges.edu  or 206.934.6818)
  • Pay for your test at the college cashier before Saturday (if you can’t get to the college during the week because of schedule, we can accept a check or money order made out to South Seattle College the morning of the test). 
  • You need TWO checks or money orders, one made out to South Seattle College for $150 ($90 for current South Seattle College students) and one made out to WABO for $55.
    • The check to South Seattle College is non-refundable, even if you miss your test date or fail your test.
    • The check to WABO is refundable if you fail your test.
  • You must provide a Driver's License, Passport, or other state or federal issued ID in order to test. 
  • In order to obtain the student test rate, you must show a current student ID. 
  • Each certification test is paid for separately, even though you may take more than one in a test session. For example, GMAW and FCAW are two processes that are often taken the same day. You will pay for two tests-the payment amounts to the college and WABO are doubled.

About the Test

Unless you are regularly doing multi-pass groove welds in heavy plate, the test is very difficult to pass. We recommend you sign up for 2 credits of our Saturday Special Topics welding class WFT 297. This class meets for 10 Saturdays 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. each quarter. Contact the Professional Technical Office schedule an appointment to register at 206-934-5387.

We test for the following:

  • GMAW ("MIG") 3G (vertical up) plate;
  • FCAW-G (“dual shield”) 3G (vertical up)  and 4G  (overhead) plate;
  • SMAW (“stick” or “arc”) 3G (vertical up) and 4G (overhead) plate, 6G pipe
  • GTAW (“TIG” or “Heli arc”) 3G (vertical up) and 4G (overhead) plate, 6G pipe.
  • We also test for the D1.8 seismic certification. Cost is $300 plus WABO fee. Call or email for more information.

How the Test Works

You will need to provide your own gear (hood, gloves, safety glasses, leathers, etc., and grinder with disks and wire wheel. Grinding during the test will not be allowed except for pipe roots, but you will want to properly prep your test plates).

  • Some certifications require two plates. For example, field or all-position certifications require vertical (up) and overhead plates. This is one certification, and the plates must be welded the same day.
  • You will be allowed to practice and set your machine welding on scrap. You will be issued the test plates and you will have to prep and fit them together.
  • If you fail your test (one or both plates, depending on the test) and wish to retest, you must schedule a retest and pay for a new test. 
  • If you are taking an all-position test and fail your overhead plate, you will still qualify to certify for a vertical "Shop certification."