Restaurant Production


The Restaurant Production Certificate program assists students in learning the food production skills necessary to operate multifaceted food service operations. Food management classes also train students in inventory control, operations analysis, purchasing, production, supervision, and personnel management.

Students hone their craft through operating South’s Food Court (featuring classic and contemporary menus, a short order grill, grab-and-go items and a delicatessen) and Alhadeff Grill, a waited-service dining room featuring cooked-to-order menus with preparation typical of upscale restaurants in the Pacific Northwest.

The department works closely with the hospitality industry to develop innovative, realistic programs that provide students with skills needed for successful employment.

Estimated Length of Completion

Degree Quarters Credits
Certificate Full Time: 4
Part Time: 10 to 14

Program lengths are estimates, not guarantees. For the most current program information, please check with the program contact.

Students must meet with an advisor for entry into this program. A placement test is required to ensure language and computational skills are sufficient for program success.

  • Apply proper personal hygiene, food handling safeguards, safety techniques and knife
  • Demonstrate professionalism and leadership standards relating to appearance, time management, and conduct
  • Order, purchase, store and inventory foods
  • Understand and apply principles of cost control
  • Perform front-of-house tasks related to service and dining room organization
  • Plan, prep and properly cook menu items, using proper techniques, consistently and attractively
  • Synthesize the techniques of classical and modern cooking techniques to properly prepare the many global cuisines that drive today's industry
  • Utilize sustainability practices in the sourcing and production of food and beverage

For current employment and wage estimates, please visit the following online resources and search for the relevant occupational term:

All costs are estimates and are not guarantees. For the most current program information, check with an adviser by calling 206.934.5391. There are additional costs for books and supplies. Each student is responsible for the purchase of certain supplies and required tools before the instruction begins.

Full Time Cost

Quarter Credits Resident Non-Resident International
1 18 $1,723.96 $1,904.72 $3,731.18
2 15 $1,540.90 $1,718.90 $3,524.30
3 20 $1,757.22 $1,937.98 $3,822.76
4 8 $988.64 $1,127.36 $2,543.60

Part Time Cost

Resident Non-Resident International
$8,156.28 $9,300.72 $20,984.70

The following fee is associated with the program:

  • Books and supplies: $2,300
  • Lab fee: $150.00/quarter
  • Community Technology Access: $20.00/quarter
  • Student ID Card: $5.00
  • Transportation Management Plan: 15.00/quarter
  • Univ Tech Fee: $3.00/credit

Equipment Fee associated with this program:

  • Uniforms and tools : $500

Quarter Start Dates: Culinary Arts classes begin in Fall, Winter and Spring.

Students may still enroll in the program during other quarters to begin their related academic classes (Not required if a student has already completed these classes. Students must provide an official transcript.).

Class Times: Check the online class schedule. Students will meet during the class timeframe listed, however in order to maintain safe distances in on-site labs students will be grouped and have specified times on campus. Please check with your instructor for more information.

Other related academic classes are required that meet outside of these class times. These classes can be completed online and/or in-person depending on availability. Check with an advisor regarding when to take related academic classes.


View a sample schedule and quarterly to-do list.