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Faculty Council Recommends Improving Student to Counselor Ratio

Feb. 19 - SSC faculty have voted overwhelmingly to approve the Faculty Council (FC) Recommendation to improve the student to counselor ratio at SSC. The FC urges the SSC Senate and College Council to join us in asking the SSC administration to hire more counseling faculty members.

Faculty Council Recommendation:

The Faculty Council recognizes that South Seattle College has a long history of Counseling Faculty providing comprehensive services to our diverse student population. With the retirement of Don Howard at the beginning of the 2020-21 academic year, we want to ensure that his position is replaced and an additional position added in order to move towards an appropriate ratio of counselors to students and to provide equitable services. The Faculty Council endorses the hiring of these FT Counselor positions to continue this strong institutional mission of supporting students.

64 faculty members participated in the vote, 94% of which approved the recommendation. This represents 50% of full-time faculty and 24 part time faculty from all divisions and all campuses at SSC.

Here are a few faculty comments collected in support of the recommendation:
•    "We need student counselors more than ever right now. Two counselors is not enough to handle only the emergency counseling services needed during a pandemic. We need highly trained and qualified staff to help with career counseling and student support. 1250 to 1 student to counselor ratio is frankly despicable. Invest in our student's mental health!"
•    "This is fundamental to our anti-racist mission and our goal of retaining students."
•    "Two counselors seems way too little for all South Students!  It is one thing to claim "we're here to support you" and then not have enough counselors to do the job."

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