Students wishing to enroll in the program should first:

  • Review the Certification requirements to ensure eligibility for the program.
  • Contact the program administrator at 206-934-5339 or cedstaff@seattlecolleges.edu.
  • During the first phone call or e-mail please indicate the following information:
    • What is the business or industry in which you have 6,000 hours of paid employment?
    • Are you currently teaching a CTE class, if yes, in which school district?
    • Please list the academic degrees you hold  (AA, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate)
    • Do you hold a current academic Washington State Teaching Certificate?

Following an initial phone call or e-mail, the program administrator will advise you on which courses to take to begin the program. Teacher candidates may begin any quarter, though we encourage you to start with the Introduction to Career and Technical Teacher Education .