Saturday Classes

Weekly Special Topics welding class WFT 297

  • You may purchase shop time during the week in the form of Special Topics welding class WFT 297
  • 1 credit of WFT 297= 20 hours (one full week) of shop time
  •  You may arrange your schedule with instructor to fit your needs
  • The cost for each credit is $102.75 + 18.00 Lab Fee

Saturday Special Topics welding class WFT 297

  • Who is this class for?
    • Those welding in industry who wish to prepare for WABO certification, or acquire skills in other welding processes
    • Employers may send their employees in for additional training
    • Students who want extra practice time may sign up
    • The general public who wish to work on projects in a shop environment (depending on the size of the project, you may have to provide your own steel.  Contact instructor)
  • Purchase 2 credits of Special Topics welding class, WFT 297. Contact the Professional Technical Office to schedule an appointment to register, at 206-934-5387.
  • You have access to welding lab for 8 Saturdays during the quarter (six hours/Saturday)
  • You will need to provide your own gear (contact instructor for tool list)