Students & Community

Do you need an internship or a job? Come speak to an experienced career professional to find the next job to further your career. Meet with someone to discuss your values and interests and learn how to research companies that can put your skills to use. Finally, let us help you expand your professional network- employers hire people they know!

Tools for Students

Career Hub

Career Hub is a job board for Seattle Colleges students and alums that connects local talent and employers. Find internship and job opportunities to meet your career goals! Membership is FREE for current students and graduates of the Seattle Colleges.

WorkSource WA

WorkSource WA Seattle-King County services include: employment assistance, workshops, career counseling, program opportunities and resources, hiring events, job matching on, and much more!


LinkedIn connects qualified candidates with companies and organizations seeking top talent. Don’t forget to create a complete profile!

  • Career Advice Tool: Whether you need advice on your career path, switching to a new industry or best practices for a project you’re working on, Career Advice can help you find and connect with the right person who can help.
  • LinkedIn Learning: With LinkedIn Learning, you can now access a gigantic database of online courses on topics from coding and graphic design to public speaking.
  • Alumni Tool: One of the easiest ways for students and alumni to make connections is through LinkedIn Alumni tool.
  • Job Board: Search for jobs in your industry and immediately connect with recruiters.


Want to apply what you’re learning in the classroom at work? Are you excited to gain experience in your area of study and industry? Come meet with an Embedded Career Specialist to discuss internship options. Internships can be paid and used to gain academic credits, while furthering your experience in the field. 

  • Finished 15 credits in your area of student (i.e. Aviation, Landscape Horticulture, Culinary Arts).

Come Learn more about internships today!


Are you receiving unemployment? Please take a look at page 26 in the Handbook for Unemployed Workers for further information regarding special programs that may be available!

Commissioner Approved Training (CAT)/Training Benefits (TB)

Unemployed workers interested in returning to school may qualify for commissioner approved training programs. Attend one of our weekly CAT/TB workshops to find out whether you may be eligible!

Are you looking for additional support services?

Come visit us in RSB 79, check out what’s happening, or contact one of our community partners.