President's Advisory Committee on Veterans

The President’s Advisory Committee on Veterans reports directly to the President of South and informs and advises her/him on all veterans matters.

The President’s Advisory Committee on Veterans commits to promote, support, and serve the diverse needs of its veterans to include students, staff, and faculty. The Committee’s specific responsibilities are as follows:

  • Encourages and supports outreach and recruitment of veterans as students and employees of the college.
  • Coordinates, publicizes, supports veterans achievements and success to include recognition at honors receptions, graduation, and other such activities.
  • Encourages and supports the educational needs and academic goals of the veteran students.
  • Supports the development of courses which address veteranws concerns.
  • Coordinates campus professional development about veterans and their specific needs and concerns such as workshops, guest speakers, attendance and presentations at conferences.
  • Coordinates, publicizes, supports veterans events to include celebrations and remembrances.
  • Acts as a support network by bringing together various college and community organizations and offices to form partnerships to assist the veterans and their families.