South Seattle College provides proctoring services for make-up and accommodated exams. 

Read on for details on the meaning and scope of our services, as well as instructions for faculty and students on scheduling proctored exams. We are a new service and will continue to develop and improve according to usage and feedback. Please aid us in doing so this quarter by filling out this brief survey.

What are proctoring services at South?

Proctoring happens when a student takes an exam while not in the presence of their course instructor. A neutral individual (a “proctor”) administers an exam on behalf of an instructor to individual students who could either not be present on an original assessment date or who require additional time.

What is the general process for having an exam proctored?

Proctoring services receives an exam along with its guidelines in advance from the instructor, then supervises the student during the exam. This exam takes place in our testing center on campus where multiple students may be proctored at the same time for different exams. It is the responsibility of the proctor to verify each student’s identity, monitor the integrity of the exam environment, and make sure that all students present understand and follow their exam guidelines. Proctors cannot assist with any questions related to the exam material beyond what the instructor has provided for the student. The proctor returns any completed paper exams to the instructor.

Faculty Instructions – Send in Your Exam

  1. Decide on a range of days during which a student may take your exam; allowing at least a week is recommended. At least four business days before the first of those days, email proctoring services ( a completed Exam Instruction Form, along with the exam itself if paper-based. If the exam is computer based, make clear on the form the online location, sign-in requirements, and any other considerations for completing and submitting the test.
  2. After processing your submitted form, proctoring staff will confirm the request with you over email within one business day of receipt and clear your student to schedule an exam appointment at the center. If there are potential issues/questions regarding your form or the exam, staff will communicate with you further until the request can be confirmed.
  3. Once your proctoring request is confirmed, immediately inform the student that they are cleared to take the exam, provide them with the time frame, and refer them to the student instructions below for scheduling an appointment. It is the student’s responsibility at this point to schedule and complete their exam.
  4. After the student takes the exam at the center, proctoring staff will alert you to its completion if it is computer-based. If it is paper-based, staff will scan and email you the completed paper exam or hold the original for pickup at Tutoring & Proctoring Services in LIB 220.

Student instructions - Schedule your exam

  1. Talk to your instructor if you need to make up an exam.
  2. Your instructor will arrange for your paper exam to be sent to our testing center on campus, or for a computer to be available at the center for a web-based exam.
  3. After they send your exam to the center, your instructor will give you a range of dates for when you can take your exam at the center.
  4. Immediately schedule your exam by emailing proctoring services at In your email:
    • Write your full name, student ID number, your class, and your instructor.
    • Provide your availability during the range of dates given to you by your instructor. Please be specific about which hours of the each day you are available.
  5. Proctoring services will reply to your email within one business day with an appointment confirmation. The confirmation will include:
    • Your appointment time and location
    • A list of allowed materials
    • Day-of-exam procedures, rules, and expectations
  6. Arrive at the center at the appointed time to be checked in.
  7. You may bring and use any materials listed by your instructor on the Exam Instruction Form submitted to the center. The center and proctor cannot provide any items or materials.
  8. After you finish, the proctor will either collect and return a paper exam and its materials to your instructor or notify your instructor that a web-based exam has been completed.

Testing Hours

Hours will be subject to change. For any questions or concerns please contact the proctoring center.






First Saturday of the Month

Proctoring Hours
  • 9:30AM-11:30AM

  • 1PM-5PM



  • 9:30AM -11:30AM

  • 1 PM-5PM


Campus Closures: 2023

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