Running Start

How to Be Successful

Class Selection

Deciding what you want to take at South Seattle College can be scary; there are so many options.  Speak to your high school counselor to see if your class selection will transfer to your high school transcript and that you are taking the classes you need to graduate on time.  Consider your schedule; remember to add high school class time including homework, travel time to and from the college and study time. Make sure you bring your Enrollment Verification Form for the counselor to sign.

Academic Planning

Meeting with an advisor or counselor at South Seattle College is a good way to start moving towards your longer range goals. Advisors can help you decide what degree to pursue, what university or college offers that degree, and what their requirements are.  Many Running Start students leave South Seattle Community College with both a high school diploma and a transfer degree. This allows them to move directly into the college or university of their choice.

If you already know what university or college you want to attend after graduating from high school and Running Start, when choosing classes consider any admissions requirements, AA/AS degree requirements, and college major requirements. 


Running Start students must complete a Running Start Enrollment Verification form each quarter. This must be completely filled out including both your high school counselors’ signature and your parent or guardians signature. Be aware of your high school graduation requirements. After the form is complete, make an appointment to see a Running Start advisor to register. Remember it is best to register as early as possible. This way you get the classes you need to graduate from high school on time as well as from South Seattle College.

Dropping a Class and the Withdrawal Policy

Running Start students must meet with a Running Start advisor to drop a class. Before dropping a class, discuss your concerns with your instructor and with your parents or guardians. Consider how withdrawing will affect your transcript. You must officially withdraw if you decide not to take a class. To do this, complete a red withdrawal form and have it signed by a Running Start advisor.

Remember: there are deadlines for making schedule changes, including dropping courses. Deadlines are listed each quarter in the class schedule and also available in Registration. If you do not officially drop a course, but have stopped attending, you risk failing the class, and having a negative grade on your permanent college transcript.

Be aware of your high school graduation requirements. If you are dropping a class required for graduation, make sure you have a plan to make it up.

Important Deadlines and Information

First two weeks of the quarter: If you withdraw, no record of the class will appear on your transcript.

Weeks three through eight of the quarter, you may withdraw from the course and receive a "W" on your transcript. It will not affect your GPA and no credit is earned. Note: Having a W on your transcript may impact your acceptance at some four-year universities and your chances of receiving financial aid. If you are thinking about dropping a class, discuss it with your high school counselor, parents/guardians and the Running Start Director.

After the eighth week: It is not possible to withdraw from classes after the eighth week. If you are not attending class or can't attend after the eighth week, please meet with the Running Start advisor to discuss options. Note: If you stop attending a course, you must officially withdraw from the course. Failure to officially withdraw may result in a 0.0, failing grade, being assigned at the end of the quarter.

Grades and Transcripts

Grade reports are not mailed out. Students' final grades are usually available one week after each quarter ends. They may be viewed online at, then click on Student Online Services and scroll down to Grades and Records.

How to Compute Your GPA

Grade-point average (GPA) = divide total grade points earned by total credit hours attempted. Example: 209.0 grade points / 57 credits hours = 3.67 GPA

South Seattle Community College Transcript Legend

Numerical grades may be considered equivalent to letter grades as follows:

A    4.0-3.9
A-    3.8-3.5
B+    3.4-3.2
B    3.1-2.9
B-    2.8-2.5
C+    2.4-2.2
C    2.1-1.9
C-    1.8-1.5
D+    1.4-1.2
D    1.1-0.9
D-    0.8-0.7
F    0.0