Learning About Wine

If you are interested in learning more about wine, but are not seeking a degree, South offers three courses to get you started with a great foundation on the world of wine production, history and evaluation.

WIN 123: Sensory Evaluation

An introduction to wine sensory evaluation methods including statistical analysis of trials, philosophy of wine styles and the common evaluation methods of representative wines used in sensory testing.

WIN 101: Intro to Enology

An introduction to the science of winemaking, history and geographical distribution; grape varieties and wine types; influence of climate and soil; wine fermentation, handling , storage and bottling methods; wine disorders; wine sanitation and legal compliance.

WIN 133: Intro to the Wines of the World

Introduction to the world’s wine-producing regions, including history, viticulture practices and winemaking styles. Includes sensory evaluation of representative wines. Materials fee will be assessed.