Assessment Subcommittee of SPARC (ASC)

The ASC is currently focusing on reviewing the Student Learning Outcome (SLO) rubrics created by the rubric teams in Academic Programs.  They are thinking about how the data collected from using those rubrics (using the Course Assessment Process (CAP) tool) will be used and how it will be useful to not only the instructors completing the CAP, but also the departments, the Academic Programs division, and the College, as a whole.

ASC members are also currently focusing on the efforts of the Professional Technical programs to use the Course Outcomes form to complete the Course Outcomes Process.  Members are considering the data collected and how we can use that form and process to inform processes for collecting Course Outcome level data from Academic Programs faculty in the future.  ASC is looking to ensure we share the Academic Programs SLO rubrics with Professional Technical programs and that the Professional Technical programs share their use of the Course Outcomes process and form.

The ASC also oversees the Internal Program Assessment (IPA) process for evaluating the Professional Technical programs at the College.  The IPA is the second phase of a two phase Program Review process.  IPA members evaluate the IPA documents submitted by programs the quarter after they undergo the External Program Review (EPR).