Spring Quarter FAQs

Welcome to our Spring Quarter FAQs (frequently asked questions) page, intended to provide answers to questions you may have about Spring 2020 at South, where we will be holding classes primarily online with remote student services available in response to COVID-19. Current topics include general questions for Spring 2020, questions about online learning, and questions about financial support.  We will continue to update this resource over time. 

Spring Quarter 2020 General FAQ

Spring Quarter classes will start on April 13, 2020 (one week later than originally scheduled) with online/remote instruction continuing through the end of the quarter. As nationwide social distancing requirements continue to increase and evolve daily, we believe this is the best course of action for reducing uncertainty and anxiety and establishing a reliable, high-quality method of instruction and academic progress for South students through the spring.

At the outset of the quarter, you and your instructors will work together to establish class norms for teaching and learning remotely. In addition, our campus will provide online resources and technical assistance for all students new to eLearning to help you be successful during this ongoing public health crisis.

Online lectures will be recorded so they are accessible at any time. If your classes start in an online format, they will be online throughout the quarter (with very limited exceptions in some professional-technical programs).

The quarter will end as scheduled, after final exams conclude, on June 19, 2020.

Learn more at our Spring Quarter 2020 Information page.

Given uncertainty regarding the longevity of the COVID-19 pandemic and public health requirements, the time at which in-person classes could start is unknown. Making the decision to go to remote instruction now ensures we have the full span of the quarter for teaching and learning.

We recognize the nature of some courses means they cannot be offered online due to the hands-on, experiential nature of the content, or lack of access to required materials.

We will be flexible with shifts in schedules and expect to increase course offerings over the summer and fall to ensure access to courses required to meet major requirements. We will also provide, as much as possible, flexibility in requirements to support those nearing graduation so as not to impede your post-graduation plans or opportunities.

Please consult with your academic advisor to learn more. They are available to consult with you remotely.

Unless you have seen that your class has been canceled, or you have received a communication from an instructor or program/department representative about the class indicating that major changes are underway, you can assume that the substance of your class remains intact.

While most Spring Quarter 2020 classes will be held online, exceptions are planned for some programs and classes (with social distancing best practices in place). Students should check with instructors and/or program staff for additional details. For the most current list of programs with exceptions to online learning, visit our Spring Quarter 2020 Information page.

We will be flexible with shifts in schedules and expect to increase course offerings over the summer and fall to ensure access to courses required to meet major requirements. We will also provide, as much as possible, flexibility in requirements to support those nearing graduation so as not to impede your post-graduation plans or opportunities. Contact your academic advisor for more guidance.

If you cannot register for classes because you need assistance selecting appropriate courses, navigating academic difficulties, and/or connecting with appropriate support services, please connect with your advisor or the Advising Department

Access Points

Hours: Advising appointments available remotely (phone or Zoom video conferencing) 8:30-4 p.m. 

Monday-Friday. Schedule through Starfish.

Live Chat: Click zoom.us/my/ssc.advising or copy/paste the URL into your browser to chat with Advising support staff from 8:00am – 11:00am and 12:00pm – 2:00pm on weekdays beginning March 12th through the duration of our remote operations.                                                                                             
Email: advisorsouth@seattlecolleges.edu and include the following information:

  • Name and Student ID number
  • Any attachments relevant to your request or question (unofficial transcripts, placement documents, etc.)
  • Courses you’re trying to register for with four-digit item number.

Voicemail: 206-934-5387, Messages will be checked twice daily and we’ll return your call.

Services Offered

The Advising Center serves students in Transfer and Professional/Technical programs well as Running Start and Basic & Transitional Studies. Advisors can assist with selecting appropriate courses, designing a customized educational plan, transfer planning, navigating academic difficulties, petitions for waivers and/or exceptions, connecting with appropriate support services, and applying for graduation.

We have created two webpages to help our current and new students contact Student Services remotely (via email, phone, video conferencing, etc.).  This includes services like registration, advising, counseling, financial aid, disability services, library services, veterans services, workforce funding, and more.   

Accessing Student Services: Current Students

Accessing Student Services: New & Prospective Students

Registering for Classes (Current Students)

Browse and register for classes online using MySouth. Students are encouraged to visit southseattle.edu/coronavirus/current-students, for additional information on how to register and pay for classes and access additional student services.

  • Steps to find MySouth:
    • Desktop Computer: Visit SouthSeattle.edu homepage and at the upper right-hand corner click “Browse Classes/MySouth”. Click the login button at the upper right hand corner and input your Student ID number and PIN (which is date of birth mmddyy format). Select your classes of interest and register.
    • Cell phone: Visit SouthSeattle.edu homepage and click ‘Menu’ at the upper right hand corner then click “Student”. From there, click the “MySouth icon” on the left side of the page. Once in the MySouth portal use the upper right hand “Login” icon to input your Student ID number and PIN (which is date of birth in mmddyy format). Select your classes of interest and register.
    • IF you need an entry code to register for a class or assistance in selecting classes, please email advisorsouth@seattlecolleges.edu with your SID and full name.

Enroll & Register for Classes as a New Student

For new students looking to enroll: Despite our campus shift to remote operations, we are still enrolling for Spring Quarter. Please explore our Steps to Enroll and reach out to InfoSouth@seattlecolleges.edu with any questions or concerns regarding your enrollment process.

Congratulations on choosing South! Our typical processing time for applications is 2 – 3 business days. However, this can vary slightly as we near the start of a new quarter. After your application is processed you will receive two emails, one containing your SID and one explaining your next steps.

If you need to check the status of your application, please email our Registration department at ssccregistration@seattlecolleges.edu with your full name, date of birth, and the term you will be starting in.

Once you have your SID number, you will want to review your Steps to Enroll to move towards registering for your classes. Students are also encouraged to visit  southseattle.edu/coronavirus/new-students for additional information on how to access student services at this time.

If you have questions regarding your Steps to Enroll, our Information Desk would be happy to assist. You can contact them through email at infodesk@seattlecolleges.edu.

If you sent a transcript request via US Mail after March 10th, only a few of those mails were received before the college moved to fully remote operations and US Mail began to be held. If you submitted a transcript request using US Mail and have not received it, we ask that you submit a subsequent request online using the information here: southseattle.edu/student-resources/transcripts-grades#online. We will reach out and confirm requests sent by mail once we have access to US Mail again so that we don't charge and send transcripts twice.


If you sent a transcript for evaluation via US Mail that would have reached our offices after March 10th, only a few of those mails were received before the college move to fully remote operations and US Mail began to be held.  If you submitted a transcript for evaluation using US Mail and have not received confirmation of that evaluation, email SEvaluations@seattlecolleges.edu to make alternative arrangements.

South’s Bookstore, operated by Barnes & Noble, is actively monitoring public health orders, college operations and student needs during this time. 

Please visit their website for the latest updates and contact bookstore staff at sm233@bncollege.com. Here is the latest update from the bookstore as of March 27, 2020:

As of now the bookstores are closed to the public through April 6th. We are still managing correspondence through emails as store access and staffing allow.

Rentals: The rental due date of March 25th remains the same, but we have extended the charge date to April 3rd, 2020. Students should ship their rental textbooks back if possible. Every rental customer has been sent an email with instructions on how to do this, including a link to a free UPS label. Students should check their Spam/Junk folders as well for this communication. When shipping rental books back they should include their order number and/or phone number that was given at the time of rental. Links to shipping instructions and label for South Seattle College -http://bit.ly/2DVMauh

Spring Quarter Book Purchases: As of now we do not have in-person purchases and are encouraging students to place online orders for their textbooks and required materials. We have waived all shipping costs for the duration of the remote instruction period. Due to limited staffing and store access there may be a delay in shipping. We are working with each campus to determine what days and hours we will be able to have in-person services. In addition to email updates, please utilize these links to frequently updated information about our services:

Students without PayPal, Credit/Debit or Financial Aid: For students who need to make cash purchases, we encourage them to purchase either Barnes and Noble gifts cards or any credit-based gift cards, i.e., Visa, Mastercard or American Express, at outlets like grocery stores. They can use these gift cards to make online purchases on our websites. Credit based-based gift cards should be used as a credit card when checking-out; the gift card option is used strictly for Barnes and Noble gift cards.

Students who require in-store pick up: In-store pickup has now been disabled on our websites. We are working with each campus to determine how we will be able to manage in-store pickups from now until April 6th. Once in-store pickups of required materials becomes a possibility we will update everyone as soon as possible and enable the option on our websites.


Best way to contact us: Closed to public through April 6th, available via email at sm233@bncollege.com.

Transit Disruptions

King County Metro has announced several temporary service reductions in response to the reduction in ridership since the emergence of COVID-19.  The duration of these changes is not yet known.   Specific impacts to South Seattle College’s West Seattle campus:

  • Route 125 has been fully cut until further notice.
  • Route 128 is currently not serving stops along 16th Ave SW north of SW Austin St. (including South Seattle College).

We have reached out to King County Metro for advice on good alternatives for users of public transportation while social distancing requirements are in place and will share out as we learn more.   

West Seattle Bridge Closure

The Seattle Department of Transportation announced an emergency closure of the West Seattle Bridge, effective at 7 p.m. on March 23.   The lower bridge will only be open for transit, emergency services, and freight.  Other drivers will have to use detours into and out of West Seattle, including 1st Avenue South and Michigan Street.  The closure may last for months as needed repairs take place.

SDOT has provided suggestions on alternative routes to campus for drivers.

Online Learning FAQ

Instructional Support Services is here to help students and staff with their questions about eLearning and online technology tools including Canvas, Google Suite for Education, LinkedIn Learning, Panapto, and Zoom.  They have also set up a Live Chat function that can be accessed at South’s eLearning site, or on Canvas. Live chat hours vary, but you can always leave a message and someone will get back to you. 

For assistance with Citrix, MySouth, and Office 365, contact IT Services

Additional eLearning Resources:

Although we do not how long our state is going to ask us to keep college campuses closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage all students to give online instruction a try. We are navigating unchartered waters together, and we are committed to helping students adjust to alternative modes of instruction. 

Online Classes/eLearning Support 

Instructional Support Services is here to help students and employees with their questions about eLearning and online technology tools including Canvas, Google Suite for Education, LinkedIn Learning, Panapto, and Zoom.  They have also set up a Live Chat function that can be accessed at South’s eLearning site, or on Canvas. Live chat hours vary, but you can always leave a message and someone will get back to you.

For assistance with Citrix, MySouth, and Office 365, contact IT Services.

Here are a few tips that could help you prepare for remote learning during spring quarter:

  • Set up a distraction-free workspace and be prepared to engage in learning online during your regularly scheduled class times.  Also, consider clearing your work area.  Studies show a clean work space can help with focus and information processing.
  • Practice time management and create a study schedule.  Also, schedule breaks to keep your mental energy levels high.
  • Connect with other focused students in your class and set up study sessions with them to keep each other motivated.
  • Shut off other technology when you study so you can focus on the task at hand.
  • Turn on Canvas notifications to ensure you receive alerts when there are changes or posts in Canvas.
  • Learn how to find and submit assignments on Canvas.
  • Check your email on file with the college and/or your instructors at least twice a day, setting up email forwarding if necessary.
  • Familiarize yourself with Zoom video conferencing.
  • Ask for help! Your instructors are a great resource.  You can also contact Instructional Support Services.  They are here to help students and staff with their questions about eLearning and online technology tools including Canvas, Google Suite for Education, LinkedIn Learning, Panapto, and Zoom.  They have also set up a Live Chat function that can be accessed at South’s eLearning site, or on Canvas. Live chat hours vary, but you can always leave a message and someone will get back to you. 

For assistance with Citrix, MySouth, and Office 365, contact IT Services.

Faculty have been asked to be creative in this unprecedented time to try to preserve a productive classroom environment. Zoom is an online video communications tool that is being used by many faculty for this purpose, and is compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. If you are concerned about others viewing your personal surroundings in the background during a session, you may consider using a blank wall as your background when using Zoom, or explore Zoom’s options for virtual backgrounds.


Student Services 

We will continue with our current practice of providing remote services for students. Limited in-person student services by appointment may be made available in the future.

Tutoring & E-Tutoring 

The Tutoring Center is available by email, phone and Zoom meetings.  Please contact the center in the following ways for support:

Contact:  Marianna Asaturova, Director  

                 Monia Hamam, Program Coordinator 

                 Christina Kazaryan, Office Assistant  
 Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm 

 Phone:  206-934-6650 

   Voicemail:  206-934-6650                                                       
Email:  Marianna.Asaturova@seattlecolleges.edu  



South also offers eTutoring online (through the Western eTutoring Consortium) for all current students. Learn more about eTutoring

Counseling Services 

South Seattle College's Counseling Department is committed to providing high-quality, confidential and secure counseling services to our students.

Students who would like to contact a counselor may do so by e-mail. Counselors will respond as quickly as possible, but please note counselors are experiencing a higher than usual amount of e-mails.

In addition, South’s counselors encourage students to use the following resources for information and support:

  1. Seattle-King County Health Department
  2. Contact healthcare professionals through your health insurance plan.
  3. American Counseling Association (ACA) COVID-19 Resources
  4. American Psychological Association (APA) Social Distancing Considerations
  5. Addressing Loneliness As a Result of Social Distancing – AHIP.org
  6. Dial 2-1-1 for local resources and support
  7. Dial 9-1-1 if you feel you are in crisis

For more resources, please visit our Accessing Student Services: Current Students page.

Accessing the Internet 

For anyone who doesn’t have reliable internet service at home, Comcast announced they have made their Xfinity wifi hotspots available to everyone for free in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. To find and use a hotspot, enter your zip code at this page and scroll down for additional information. 

Comcast also announced their Internet Essentials plan for qualifying low-income households is available two months free with no contract obligation. 

Technology Needs

For students who are required to complete coursework online but are without reasonable access to required technology , please let your instructor or any staff member you are connected with know of your needs as soon as possible. We are actively working with the South Seattle College Foundation to provide technology access.


For Spring Quarter 2020 classes that were originally intended to be face-to-face or hybrid and have now converted to 100% online, the Distance Learning Fee (UN) will be waived. For additional classes added to the spring schedule during remote operations, the Distance Learning Fee (UN) will also be waived. These fees have been waived so that we do not burden students with unexpected costs as we adjust spring plans in response to COVID-19 public health requirements. For any class that was originally to be offered online the UN fee will be retained.

College Financial Resources FAQ

The Financial Aid Office is actively responding to emails and phone calls; please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions or concerns.

  • Student appointments are available through Starfish for students to connect with the Financial Aid staff.  All Starfish appointments will be done via phone.  Schedule your appointment at southseattle.edu/financial-aid/schedule-appointment
  • Winter quarter students must commence attendance in their alternative class environments for winter quarter.  Those who do not, are subject to Return of Title IV and will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension.  Students in online environments such as Canvas must do more than just login, they must post work, respond to a discussion, or take a test to commence attendance.
  • Work Study students should connect with their supervisor to see if work from home options are available.  We are encouraging all supervisors to allow work from home options whenever possible.
  • At this time, disbursement of financial aid funding will still begin the first week of the quarter, though students may see a few extra days of delay before they receive their refunds.  We expect most students to receive their BankMobile refunds by the 6th day of the quarter.

Access Points

Hours: M,T, Th 8-4:30, F 9-4:30, closed for processing on Wednesdays
Phone: (206) 934-5317 Leave a message, we check voicemail 3 times a day and will return your call
Email: financialsouth@seattlecolleges.edu
Website: southseattle.edu/financial-aid
Financial Aid Student Portal: southseattle.edu/financial-aid/financial-aid-portal

Services Offered

The Office is still assisting students with submitting paper work to complete the Financial Aid Application.  Currently, we are unable to pick up our main phone line, but we are checking and returning messages 3 times a day, so do leave a clear message with your name, Student ID Number or Social Security Number.  To protect your identity and secure your information, we will only call students back at the phone number listed with the Financial Aid Office.

Operations Updates

Email is still the best way to reach the Financial Aid Office.  Please consider emailing our office at financialsouth@seattlecolleges.edu if a phone call is the more appropriate means of communication to answer your question, we will reach out to you to schedule a time to call.

At this time, the Financial Aid Office cannot accept documents where we need to see and confirm the original, for example, requests for citizenship documentation, Verification Worksheet V4 or V5 Witnessed, or request for name changes requiring proof of identity.  We will resume taking in those documents when financial aid staff returns to campus (this will be updated when that date is known).  Students can submit all other documents via email at financialsouth@seattlecolleges.edu however, there may be a delay in those documents appearing as received in your student portal.

Yes, there are emergency funds and financial aid grants available to support eligible students during this time of great need.

Emergency Funds

Emergency Funds are a one-time award to assist students with unforeseen expenses that may cause a student to withdraw from school. Emergency Funds can be used once per academic quarter. Awards vary depending on student need and resources available. 

Learn more about emergency funds.


Financial Aid Grants for Spring 2020

Community Resources

Please visit our Community Support & Resources page for additional support beyond the college for laid-off workers and more.

International Student FAQ

Most frequently asked questions for international students are answered by the Seattle Colleges International Programs team here.  South-specific FAQs for international students are shared below.

We are holding Intensive English Program (IEP) classes during Spring Quarter 2020. Classes will begin on April 13 and continue to June 12. Because we want to make sure everyone stays healthy, our plan is to offer our classes online this quarter. Whether you are in Seattle or in your home country, you are welcome to join our classes. However, it is important to be ready for online classes. It's also important to follow your instructors' directions. Here are some common expectations:

  • You should have a computer (desktop or laptop).
  • You should have access to the Internet.
  • ​Many teachers will use Canvas, an online learning system. If you are new, you will learn about Canvas during the placement test.
  • You should be ready to join the class through video-conferencing. Many teachers will use an app called Zoom. Your teacher will explain how to use this.
  • Your teacher may ask you to join a video-conference at the scheduled time of the class. However, if you are not in Seattle, and it is difficult for you to join in your time zone, your teacher can work with you to find a solution to this problem.
  • Your teacher may ask you to print something out.

We will send you the email addresses of your teachers before the quarter begins. If you have any trouble with the points above, please communicate with your teacher. We will try to solve problems!

Please know that our goal is to help you develop your language and study skills in order to achieve your goals. We hope we can see you in person as soon as possible, but for now we will see you on the Internet. Stay safe!