Campus Entry Procedures

Important Links:

Student Campus Access Form Link (to be filled out the day of your visit)

Employee Campus Access Form Link (to be filled out the day of your visit)

Weekly COVID-19 Training Link

As of May 18, 2020, South Seattle College admits authorized employees and students enrolled in approved instructional programs to campus locations in compliance with public health guidance.  Actions and procedures to follow before and during campus visits are detailed below. 

Students will be notified by faculty or student services staff if they are to come to a campus location and employees will hear from their supervisors. All other instruction and services will continue with remote operations until further notice.  

Notice for faculty and staff: You need to fill out and submit a Campus Visitation Request Form 48 hours in advance of your planned visit.  To access the form, visit the Employees landing page.  You will find the link at the top of the "Employee Resources" section. 

Please note these procedures are subject to change based on state and local guidance from public health officials. This page will be updated accordingly.  Thank you! 


Check-in Station Locations

The following locations will be used for employee and student check-ins. Check-in locations and protocols are subject to change.


Check-in and Check-out Forms

Everyone entering and leaving a campus is required to check in and check out daily by completing a form at or before arriving at established entry/exit points. 

Check-in can be completed in advance of arriving at the check-in station. Check-out can also be completed before leaving campus. 

You will be expected to fill out the form on your own electronic device (it is smart phone-friendly).  If you do not have an electronic device available, a slower verbal check-in/check-out process will be required at the station. 

Student Campus Access Form Link

Employee Campus Access Form Link


Public Health Protocols When Visiting Campus

Seattle Colleges is opening its physical locations in compliance with all public health guidelines. Those authorized to enter campus are asked to follow the processes, actions, and procedures below:

  • Take your temperature at home. Please take your temperature at home each time you plan to come to campus. If you have a fever 100.4° F or above, or do not feel well, remain at home.  

  • Wear a face mask. You need to wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose. If possible, please bring your own. We have a limited supply on hand for those who do not have one. 

  • Filling out a campus entry form on the day of your visit. On the day you are coming to campus, you will need to fill out a campus entry form (Students | Employees) before you arrive.  You will also fill this form out before you leave for the day.  You may want to bookmark the form on your home computer and cell phone for easy access.

  • Check-in daily at established locations and check-out daily using the online form. Everyone entering campus will be expected to check in at an established check-in station (remember to fill out your campus entry form first, see above tip) and check out each day by completing the form (Students | Employees). Check-in station information is found above on this page. 

  • Take the Required Health and Safety Training. You will be expected to complete health and safety training that details recommended social distancing and hygiene best practices. 

    • All South Seattle College students, employees, and visitors are required to participate in the COVID-19 Health & Safety training before returning to campus for the first time. 
    • Employees can register to take the training online or view a pre-recorded video on Canvas. Anyone without a Canvas account may email to receive one. 

If you have additional questions, students should ask their instructors, employees should ask their supervisors.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and diligence in working to keep everyone safe.